Community Responsibility & Cultural Engagement Opportunities

All residents are leaders within the Gateways community. Residents are expected to be involved with the program and active in the aesthetic upkeep of the house. Community space upkeep includes shared responsibility of the public kitchen space, including cleaning one’s own dishes/pots after use and participating in a rotation schedule for weekly kitchen cleaning with a housemate. Details on the kitchen policy will be reviewed during the first house meeting after you arrive. Each person is encouraged to contribute her talents to making the environment a culturally-enriching experience.

In addition to attending the building programs, residents are invited to assist with various Cultural Engagement Opportunities to create an exciting and dynamic global environment. Ideas regarding programs include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • International social engagement (e.g., international cuisine nights, women’s tea dialogue, karaoke, international games, etc.)
  • International academic engagement (e.g., foreign film nights, international speakers/panels, faculty dinners, etc.)
  • Internationally-related community service (e.g., refugee tutoring program, conversation hour w/ internationals, women’s shelter, etc.)