GESP Requirements

Program Components

UNC Charlotte’s Global Engagement Scholars Program (GESP) includes three components that culminate in a final project to receive a certificate of recognition.


GESP requires a four-credit-unit total requirement consisting of at least one 3-credit globally focused course chosen from a list of available subjects and one 1-credit unit GESP Synthesis Course offered through the Department of Global Studies. The Synthesis Course must be taken the last semester of the program and is meant to assist participants in synthesizing their learning acquired through participation in the GESP demonstrated by a portfolio and final presentation.

Final Project

Participants will develop a portfolio in order to synthesize their learning from the various components of the Global Engagement Scholars Program. The portfolio may be traditional style or other format upon approval by the GESP Coordinator. Following successful completion of the GESP portfolio, students are awarded an official certificate of recognition for completion of the program.


UNC Charlotte and the city offer numerous opportunities to learn about the world. Each year selected programs/events/activities/etc. are identified and posted on the GESP Niner Engage site for students to select from to meet their 9 events of GESP co-curricular electives.


While the GESP encourages all students to go abroad for short-term or extended overseas experiences, options are also provided for US-based global immersion. Options are identified and posted on the GESP website for semester and year-long international engagement experiences that fulfill the GESP requirement.

Further details regarding the three components of the GESP are provided via links to each section above and on the left sidebar of this page.

Verification of completion of courses/activities of the three components of the GESP

For the different components of the GESP, you will do the following to verify completion:

  • Academic Courses: Send the GESP Coordinator an unofficial grade report for the completed course.
  • Co-curricular Programs: Login to the GESP Niner Engage site and register for an event. Take your “Passport” form with you and return it to the GESP Coordinator so he may enter it into your record showing completion of the event.
  • International Engagement Experiences: Send the GESP Coordinator an unofficial copy of the grade report for study abroad experiences. For all others, have the person in charge of your internship or other organization send an e-mail to the GESP Coordinator verifying completion of the program.