I have traveled abroad on my own time. Does that count toward the international experience requirement?

International vacations will not count toward international experience. Applicants must study, volunteer, or participate in an internship abroad or complete an approved on-campus international experience to fulfill this component. Self-designed educational experiences may be counted if approved by the GESP Advisory Committee.

Is there a minimum amount of time I am required to spend abroad to fulfill the international experience requirement?

If you choose study abroad to satisfy the international experience component then there is a minimum of at least two short-term study abroad experiences.  A semester or year abroad also counts.  

How can I find activities and events that count towards the GESP?

Check out the GESP Niner Engage site (the online portal managed by Student Organizations) for easy viewing of all events, lectures, and activities that count towards co-curricular hours! The GESP Coordinator also sends out a monthly email listing co-curricular events occurring on campus.

I volunteered abroad. Will that count toward the international experience requirement?

Yes, volunteer experience abroad can count toward the service requirement provided as long as proper documentation verifying participation is submitted and it is at least 30 hours worth of service. See GESP requirements for more information.

I participated in a study abroad program. Do the courses I took abroad count toward the course requirement?

Classes taken abroad can count toward course requirements as long as they display an international focus.

I am an international student. Am I able to apply for the certificate? If so, how are the requirements different for me?

International undergraduate students are encouraged to pursue the GESP. Living in the United States and learning in an English-speaking environment already counts toward the international experience requirement of the Global Engagement Scholars Program. The co-curricular, academic requirements remain the same.

I am already a Junior. Can I still complete the Global Engagement Scholars Program?

Anyone, regardless of class standing, can pursue and complete the GESP as long as all requirements are met before graduation.