Complete List of Honorees

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Last Name First Name Year Department or Major Category
Abbott-McCloud Lynn 2013 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Ahrendt Stephanie  2010 Exercise Science Student
Al Jarrah Abeer  2015 Software and Information Systems  Student
Alexander Dayna 2010 Public Health Student
Alhazmi Shatha  2012 English Language Training Institute Student
Ali Sonia  2008 Computer Science Student
Aliaga-Buchenau Anabel 2010 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
AlKusaimi Kadija 2008 Communication Studies Student
Allen Sharon 2013 Nursing Student
Alqattan Lugain 2016 English Language Training Institute Student
Alsaykhan Anfal 2016 English Language Training Institute Student
Al-Shamer Zainab 2009 Community Counseling Student
Alterowitz Gretchen 2014 Dance Faculty/Staff
Alzate Melissa 2013 Health Administration  Student
Asibal Katherine Anne  2016 Communication Studies Student
Aulette Judy  2006 Sociology & Anthropology Faculty/Staff
Ausband  Leigh  2012 Reading & Elementary Education Faculty/Staff
Avellaneda  Claudia  2012 Political Science Faculty/Staff
Baddouh Priscila   2016 Economics Student
Baldwin Sonova 2014 Latin American Studies Student
Baldwin Yuliya 2014 Instructor of Russian Faculty/Staff
Banks Sara  2015 International Studies/Japanese Student
Bartsch Ingrid 2011 Women's and Gender Studies Faculty/Staff
Bauerle Shannon  2012 Educational Leadership Faculty/Staff
Beane Marian 2006 International Student and Scholar Office Faculty/Staff
Begum Nahida 2014 Public Policy Student
Bell Melissa 2013 Health Administration Student
Berkman Carrie 2014 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Berne Linda 2007 Health Behavior & Administration Faculty/Staff
Bissiere Michele 2007 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Black Kim 2011 Psychology Student
Blanco Belma  2008 University Career Center Faculty/Staff
Bland  Ashley  2012 Sociology Student
Bocook Blair  2015 International programs Faculty/Staff
Booker Stephanie  2012 Housing & Residence Life Faculty/Staff
Borel Fabiola  2007 Sociology Student
Bosley Deborah  2009 English Faculty/Staff
Bowers Sara  2015 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Bradley Jinny  2008 Adult Students & Evening Services Faculty/Staff
Breeden Amanda 2013 College of Health and Human Services Faculty/Staff
Bridgewater Elisabeth 2009 Social Work Student
Brockman  Diane  2012 Anthropology Faculty/Staff
Brown Banita 2008 Chemistry Faculty/Staff
Brown Meriam  2012 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Brown Jenna 2014 Counseling Student
Brown Regena  2015 Multicultural Resource Center Faculty/Staff
Brown India  2016 Japanese Student
Bryska Nishi  2015 Department of Biological Sciences Faculty/Staff
Buckingham Kathy 2009 University Development Office Faculty/Staff
Burton Cara 2011 Management Student
Byrd Jennifer  2015 Women's and Gender Studies Faculty/Staff
Cachelin Fary 2014 Psychology Faculty/Staff
Calhoun Mary Lynne 2010 Education Faculty/Staff
Cameron  Leah  2012 Recreational Services Faculty/Staff
Campbell Nadia  2015 Center for Leadership Development Faculty/Staff
Carlton Diana 2008 International Studies Student
Case Judy  2007 International Programs Faculty/Staff
Cavalline Tara  2010 Engineering Technology Faculty/Staff
Cellemme Stephanie 2011 Mechanical Engineering Student
Cernyak-Spatz Susan 2010 German Faculty/Staff
Chahin Hibah 2006 Biology Student
Chambers Melissa  2006 Education Abroad Faculty/Staff
Chaney Evelyn  2015 Aerospace Studies Faculty/Staff
Chen Celine  2010 International Business Student
Chen Qiong 2014 Electrical Engineering Student
Chen Baichi   2016 English Language Training Institute Student
Chen  Nian  2012 Electrical Engineering Student
Chertok Ilana   2016 Nursing Faculty/Staff
Cherwon  Victoria  2012 College of Education Faculty/Staff
Chong HoiChing (Kristy)  2015 Communication Studies Student
Clary Wanda 2013 Nursing Systems/Populations Student
Clunie Gabrielle    2016 Political Science Student
Cochran Betsy  2010 English Faculty/Staff
Coffman Maren  2008 Nursing Faculty/Staff
Coger Robin  2009 Mechanical Engineering Faculty/Staff
Cole Andrea    2016 Social Work Student
Combs Cynthia  2007 Political Science Faculty/Staff
Consuegra Cara 2013 Athletics Faculty/Staff
Cook Doren 2010 Social Work Student
Cooke Nancy 2007 Special Ed & Child Development Faculty/Staff
Cunico dal Pra Daniela 2014 Languages And Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Curtis Erin    2016 Communication Studies Student
Dailey Raquel 2011 Housing & Residence Life Faculty/Staff
Dave Deepika  2015 Research Assistant Student
Davies Angela 2013 Physics and Optical Science Faculty
Davis Boyd  2015 English Faculty/Staff
De Paula Tatiana   2016 ELTI/Fulbright Student
DeSanto Barbara 2007 Communication Studies Faculty/Staff
Dienemann Jackie 2007 School of Nursing Faculty/Staff
Dika  Sandra  2012 Educational Leadership Faculty/Staff
DiPietro Meredith 2009 Educational Leadership Faculty/Staff
Doppel Hicks Julie 2013 History Faculty/Staff
Dossou Ablavi 2013 French Student
Doyle Kerri 2011 Curriculum and Instruction Student
Dutta  Debarati  2012 English Faculty/Staff
Eccles Danielle Briana 2014 English Student
Edwards Erika 2013 History Faculty
Ehlers Maren 2013 History Faculty
El Mawas Farah  2015 Computing and Informatics Student
El Mawas Sara  2016 Data Science/Business Analytics Student
Elliott Gloria 2009 Mechanical Engineering Faculty/Staff
Erdmann Erika  2010 Spanish Student
Espinoza Patricia  2009 GIEES Faculty/Staff
Feinberg Melissa 2006 History Faculty/Staff
Fernandez McIntosh Jessica 2014 International Studies Student
Filter Kailey  2015 Nursing Student
Finley Kelly 2007 Women's Studies Faculty/Staff
Fiorey  Erin  2012 Latin American Studies Faculty/Staff
Fisher Kathy  2016  Facilties Management Faculty/Staff
Flowers Claudia 2009 Educational Leadership Faculty/Staff
Forbes Leila 2014 Health Psychology Student
Foss Gwen 2006 Nursing Faculty/Staff
Foster Emma 2011 Social Work Student
Francis Jessica  2016 Political Science Student
Fuentes  Catherine 2012 Anthropology Faculty/Staff
Gandy Megan  2009 Social Work Student
Garcés-Conejos Blitvich Pilar  2015 English Department Faculty/Staff
Garcia Lina 2010 Systems Engineering Student
Gardner Susan  2006 English Faculty/Staff
Gardner Jeanine 2011 School Counseling Student
George Jeena  2010 Gerontology Student
Gizem Bacaksizlar Nazmiye 2016 Infrastructure & Environmental Systems Student
Godlewska Maja 2007 Art Faculty/Staff
Gonzalez Ann 2014 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Gorzynski Lisa 2014 Criminal Justice Student
Gray Janice 2008 Child & Family Development Student
Greth Lauren 2014 Health Administration Student
Grimm Victoria 2010 French Faculty/Staff
Guntner Margaret 2011 Mechanical Engineering Student
Guobadia Michele   2016 Fraternity and Sorority Life Faculty/Staff
Gutierrez Nancy  2016 Liberal Arts & Sciences Faculty
Guyer Regina  2010 IDEAS Center Faculty/Staff
Hadley Katie 2011 International Studies Student
Hall Ingrid 2014 International Studies Student
Hallatschek Rebecca  2010 Finance Student
Hancock Diane 2013 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Harris Felecia  2007 Women's Studies Faculty/Staff
Harris Melody 2013 Student Union, Activities and Recreation Faculty/Staff
Harris Christina  2015 Communications/International Studies Student
Hart Dodie 2010 Anthropology Faculty/Staff
Hart Dionne  2015 International Programs Faculty/Staff
Hartley Carol  2015 Languages and Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Hartman Jen 2010 Criminal Justice Faculty/Staff
Henderson Corey 2013 Student Center for Professional Development Faculty/Staff
Hennings Megan   2016 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Henson Laura 2014 Education Abroad Faculty/Staff
Herron Elizabeth 2013 Nursing Faculty
Higgins  Jeanmarie  2012 Theatre Faculty/Staff
Hilger Helene  2009 Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty/Staff
Hodge Jessica 2014 Communication Studies Student
Hofmann  Linda  2012 Educational Leadership Faculty/Staff
Hollington Esther  2006 Office of Education Abroad Faculty/Staff
Houghton Andrea 2016 Intercultural Outreach Programs Faculty/Staff
Hovey Carol 2014 Nursing Systems and Populations Student
Huber Jeanne 2014 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Huerta Christina  2015 International Studies Student
Huet Yvette  2010 Biology Faculty/Staff
Huskey Sybil 2007 Dance and Theatre Faculty/Staff
Isibor Theresa Nkemdilim 2007 Educational Leadership  Student
James Robin  2012 Philosophy Faculty/Staff
Jason Kendra 2014 Sociology Faculty/Staff
Jaus  Vicki  2012 College of Education Faculty/Staff
Jessen Annalise 2016 Elementary Education Student
Jiang Min 2010 Communication Studies Faculty/Staff
Johnson Tamara 2013 Office of the Provost Faculty/Staff
Johnson Liz  2015 Philosophy Faculty/Staff
Jones Kim 2013 Dance Faculty
Jose Espinosa Mary 2013 Social Work Student
Kai Natsumi 2014 Undeclared Student
Kam Laura  2016 Kinesiology Student
Kamara Namina 2011 Social Work Student
Karp Celia 2014 Communication Studies Student
Katz Peta 2007 Anthropology Faculty/Staff
Kealy Vanna  2010 Criminal Justice Student
Ketterman Sarah   2016 Japanese Student
Kiessling Marcia Kennard  2010 Student Activities Faculty/Staff
Kim Do-Hong 2013 Educational Leadership Faculty
Kimbrough  Alyssa  2012 Art Student
King Tao-Hsien Dolly 2009 Finance & Business Law Faculty/Staff
Kitchen Alexandra  2015 Communication Studies Student
Kitrick Lorelei  2007 Women's Studies Faculty/Staff
Kohan Michele 2014 Anthropology Student
Krzeszewski Lori 2011 Curriculum and Instruction Student
Kuhn Kimberly 2014 Education Abroad Faculty/Staff
Kulkarni Shanti 2010 Social Work Faculty/Staff
Labbato Maria 2014 History Student
Lam Allie  2015 Management Student
Lambert Susan 2011 Intercultural Outreach Programs Faculty/Staff
Lee Erika 2011 Art Student
Lee Othelia   2016 Social Work Faculty/Staff
Leland Suzanne  2015 Political Science & Public Administration Faculty/Staff
Lemos Zagonel Alexandra 2010 Latin American Studies Student
Levy Janet  2008 Anthropology Faculty/Staff
Li Xinxin 2014 Business Administration Student
Lim Jae Hoon 2010 Educational Leadership  Faculty/Staff
Lim  Hannah  2012 Marketing / Psychology Student
Linden McKenzie  2015 International Studies Student
Liu Henan 2014 Optical Science & Engineering Student
Lloyd Eve 2014 International Programs Faculty/Staff
Locke  Emily  2012 Anthropology Student
Lopez de Arcia Patricia  2016 Latin American Studies Student
Lord Vivian  2016 Social Work/Criminal Justice Faculty/Staff
Lord  Mary  2012 Psychology Student
Lorden Joan 2013 Provost, Academic Affairs Faculty/Staff
Lorenz Elizabeth  2015 International Programs Faculty/Staff
Lozano  Juliana  2012 Social Work Student
Ma  Qianhong  2012 Software & Information Systems Student
MacCaullay Cynthia 2011 Unknown Student
Macdonald Brandie 2013 Anthropology Student
Mackey Linda  2015 Public Health Student
Maduabuchukwu Chinelo   2016 Business Administration Student
Malinsky Mary  2008 Communication Studies Student
Malur Akshata 2016 Psychology/Sociology Student
Mamoulashvili Tamara 2014 International Studies Student
Mandonna Amirehsani 2013 International Studies Student
Manieri Elizabeth 2010 Psychology Student
Martins Imperador Juliana   2016 ELTI/University College Student
Mason Rickelle 2014 Psychology Student
Masrorpour Mina 2011 Biology Faculty/Staff
Massino Jill 2014 History Faculty/Staff
Matthews Terri  2015 The School of Social Work at UNC Charlotte Faculty/Staff
McCurdy Kathy  2010 Social Work Student
McCutcheon Leiu  2010 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
McDaniel Bonnie  2006 Student Activities Faculty/Staff
McDermott-Castro Mary Frances  2006 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
McDowell Jessica 2011 Art Student
McDuffie Lillie 2011 Facilities Management Faculty/Staff
Medeiros Denise 2016 International Student and Scholar Office Faculty/Staff
Medina Adriana  2015 Reading and Elementary Education Faculty/Staff
Medrado Priscila  2015 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Meite Lombeko 2014 International Studies Student
Mennicke Annelise 2016 Social Work Faculty/Staff
Merriweather Lisa 2013 Educational Leadership Faculty
Meyer Sheryl  Staff 2016 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Miller Martha  2006 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Miller Renee 2013 Health Administration Student
Minslow Sarah 2014 English Faculty/Staff
Mitchell Amy 2007 Anthropology Student
Mitchell Jasmine  2008 Nursing  Student
Molinary Rosie 2014 Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty/Staff
Moore Mary Elizabeth  2016 Latin American Studies Student
Mori Chikako 2011 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Morin Jill 2011 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Morrison Haley 2016 Dance Student
Morsch  Patricia  2012 Gerontology Student
Motto Elizabeth 2014 Health Administration Student
Moyns Sarah  2009 Cone University Center Faculty/Staff
Mukherjee Pinku  2012 Biology Faculty/Staff
Mullin Joan 2014 University Writing Programs Faculty/Staff
Myers Debra 2010 Library Faculty/Staff
Nazari Shirin  2015 Physics and Optical Science Student
Nazemi Maryam S. M.  2006 Mechanical Engineering Student
Neill Kimberly 2008 Education Abroad Faculty/Staff
Nevalainen Lisa  2012 Education Abroad Faculty/Staff
Nichols Marissa   2016 History Student
Noiset Marie  2010 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Olorunlona Esther 2016 Psychology Student
Olorunsaiye Comfort 2013 Health Services Student
O'Neil Samantha 2014 Communication Studies Student
Osborne Jennifer  2008 Mathematics Student
Ostan Grace 2016 Nursing Student
Palmer Brooke 2014 Health Psychology Student
Paredes Guerrero Brenda 2016 Spanish Student
Parker Ashley 2011 Special Education & Child Development Faculty/Staff
Perry Heather 2014 History  Faculty/Staff
Peterson Ashley 2014 Anthropology Student
Pfingstag Nancy 2010 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Pipkin Amanda  2015 History Faculty/Staff
Plumley Martha 2013 Latin American Studies Student
Pousa  Latoya  2012 Social Work Student
Prasad Ritika 2014 History Faculty/Staff
Prothero Elizabeth 2016 Japanese Student
Provoost Greet 2006 Graduate School Faculty/Staff
Racine, Elizabeth 2016 Public Health Sciences Faculty/Staff
Radcliff Elizabeth 2013 Health Services Research Student
Rahman Asiya 2006 Multicultural Resource Center Faculty/Staff
Ramos Blanca 2009 Social Work Faculty/Staff
Rapisarda Clarrice 2008 Counseling Faculty/Staff
Reed Davis Christine 2012 Dean of Students Office Faculty/Staff
Richardson Christine 2014 Biology Faculty/Staff
Ring, Emily 2016 Undergraduate Admissions Faculty/Staff
Rios, Kenia 2016 Pyschology Student
Rosa  Jessica  2012 Art / Japanese Student
Rose Judy  2009 Athletics Faculty/Staff
Rothwell Connie  2010 Cone University Center Faculty/Staff
Rowan Diana  2010 Social Work Faculty/Staff
Rowles Judith 2011 Student Activities Faculty/Staff
Rucker Susan 2007 Health Behavior & Administration Faculty/Staff
Saadaoui Amina 2008 Cognitive Science Student
Salyers Bethany 2010 Curriculum and Instruction Student
Sanchez Christina 2015 Office of International Programs Faculty/Staff
Saxon, Nhora 2016 Languages and Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Schmid Rosemary 2009 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Schuch Johanna Claire 2014 Geography Student
Shaffer Karen 2016 Student Activities Faculty/Staff
Shaffer Betty  2016 Communication Studies Student
Shanks Sarah  2010 Marketing Student
Sharma Shilpa  2006 Computer Science Student
She Liane  2015 Languages and Culture Studies Student
Shenk Dena 2011 Gerontology Faculty/Staff
Sherpa Tsering 2014 International Business Student
Shropshire Denise 2006 Music Faculty/Staff
Sides-Walsh Mindy 2014 Center for Leadership Development Faculty/Staff
Siegel Melissa 2011 Political Science / Sociology Student
Siracusa Jessica  2015 International programs Faculty/Staff
Sledge Chalis 2011 Communication Studies Student
Smith Sylvia 2009 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Smith Sherrie 2011 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Smith Heather 2013 Geography and Earth Sciences Faculty
Smith Kenya 2014 Communication Studies Student
Smith Debra 2016 Africana Studies Faculty/Staff
Smith Jamie  2016 Anthropology/International Studies & Communication Studies Student
Socolovsky Maya 2014 English Faculty/Staff
Sokolova Inna 2008 Biology Faculty/Staff
Sollenberger Lauren 2006 Religious Studies Student
Spears Essie  2008 Facilities Management Faculty/Staff
Stephens Rosa 2010 Crown Commons Faculty/Staff
Stephenson Katherine 2006 Languages & Culture Studies Faculty/Staff
Stivender  Carol 2012 Economics Faculty/Staff
Strickland Jamie  2016 Geography Faculty/Staff
Sun Wenjing 2014 Economics Student
Sutton Kayla 2011 Communication Studies Student
Tappy Marissa  2008 Liberal Studies Student
Tarazona-Sevillano Gabriela 2016 International Studies Faculty/Staff
Tatum Nelda 2010 Business Affairs Faculty/Staff
Tauqir Fatima  2010 Center for Leadership Development Faculty/Staff
Tessema Dagmawit 2014 International Studies Student
Theriault Shelly  2010 Library Faculty/Staff
Thomas Lori 2013 Social Work Faculty
Thompson Catherine 2006 International Programs Faculty/Staff
Tian ZuLing 2011 Business Administration Student
Torrence Cindy 2010 Crown Commons Faculty/Staff
Tran Chau  2015 International programs Faculty/Staff
Traore Rosemary 2008 Middle, Secondary & K-12 Education Faculty/Staff
Trippodo Kathleen 2016 Auxilary Services Faculty/Staff
Tsvetkova Alexandra 2010 Public Policy Student
Turner Kimberly 2016 Multicultural Resource Center Faculty/Staff
Uche Ada  2015 Public Policy Student
Ugonna  Ogechi  2015 Computer Engineering  Student
Ulupinar Aysen 2016 Housing and Residence Life Faculty/Staff
Urita Shinobu 2006 International Business Student
Urval Sumida 2011 Biology Student
Uscier Jeanna 2011 International Studies Student
Vang Danise 2008 Management Student
Vang Jessica 2014 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Vargas Guadalupe Veronica 2014 Criminal Justice Student
Venditti Kristen 2016 Mechanical Engineering Student
Venkatesan  Nisha  2012 Mechanical Engineering Student
Wagnes Lisa  2008 Nursing Faculty/Staff
Waldrop My Lihn 2014 Nursing Practice Student
Walker Lisa 2010 Sociology Faculty/Staff
Wall Allie 2010 English Language Training Institute Faculty/Staff
Wang Chu-Ping 2011 Accounting Student
Watkins Melissa 2009 Education Abroad Faculty/Staff
Wayland Coral 2007 Anthropology Faculty/Staff
Weatherman Kelly 2013 Athletics Faculty/Staff
Whitaker Beth 2008 Political Science  Faculty/Staff
White Maureen 2011 Intercultural Outreach Programs Faculty/Staff
Williams Angie  2009 English Faculty/Staff
Williford Marianne 2014 Graduate Admissions Faculty/Staff
Williford Anna 2016 International Studies Student
Wilson Debbie 2007 International Programs Faculty/Staff
Wilson Alana 2013 Latin American Studies Student
Wilson Patrice 2014 Spanish Student
Wilson Sophia 2016 French Student
Winter Pat  2009 Electrical Engineering Faculty/Staff
Wolf Johnson Cindy 2016 Academic Services Faculty/Staff
Wongtrirat Rachawan 2016 Office of International Programs Faculty/Staff
Wright Brandy 2011 Psychology Student
Yang  Chee Ia  2012 Marketing/Sociology Student
Young Tion 2014 University Career Center Faculty/Staff
Zhang Joanne 2016 Office of International Programs Faculty/Staff
Zhao Jingjing 2011 Mathematics Student
Zink Mary 2007 International Programs



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